If you are looking for the best Ship Chandlers in Dubai, then trust none other than GIMSCO. The company provides the full range of Ship Chandling Services, and offers items from the IMPA/ISSA catalogues and beyond, to all public ports, terminals and anchorages throughout the UAE. We maintain stocks of the most commonly supplied items in our spacious and advanced warehouse, so that we can supply them on request, even during holidays, weekends, and overnight or simply 24×7. This warehousing unit is staffed by experienced and well-trained professionals, and as a result we are now one of the foremost Ship Chandlers in the UAE.

Our Ship Chandlers Supplies are of premium quality and competitively priced. We arrange and manage Ship Chandling Services for ships in other locations as well, most commonly in Oman and Qatar, through our regular partner chandlers in those countries.

We are a one-stop destination for all kinds of Ship Chandling requirements. The list below shows the wide range of Ship Chandling Supplies, we handle. Go to the 'Products' page to see more of what we can offer, although it is simply impossible to list and show our complete Dubai Ship Chandlers range.

  • Bonded stores
  • Electricals
  • Slop chest
  • Marine Chemicals
  • Engine Stores - Hand tools, cutting tools, packing and jointing, valves, pipes, fittings, grease, bearings, seals, etc.
  • Medical Stores
  • Deck Stores - Ropes, hawsers, rigging equipment, safety equipment, paint, ladders, nets, etc.
  • Safety Stores
  • Cabin/Saloon Stores
  • Publications
  • Safety Stores
  • Cloth and linen
  • Supply of Fresh Water
  • Provisions, Foodstuffs and Galley
  • And other Marine Stores required by vessels