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Marine food suppliers in UAE

You can be assured that only the freshest and best ingredients will be provided to you through our international network of wholesale brokers. If the products you have requested are not available or do not meet our standards, they will not be supplied and you will be notified immediately. We care about our professional relationship, not about just making the sale, because at GIMSCO we know we are only as good as our last delivery.

We order only the finest wholesale produce for both fresh and frozen seafood and shellfish, wagyu and prime beef, organic game, poultry, Asian fruits and vegetables, European confections supplies, signature award winning appetizers, an unmatched cheese selection, frozen glaces, custom desserts and petit fours.

Whether it’s a local dockside delivery, a drop ship to the boss' jet, air cargo to the Caribbean or a frozen container across the ocean, GIMSCO will guarantee that your order will be processed with the speed and efficiency that has made us the leader in the marine service industry in the region.


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